Estrella Z.
Product Manager

Hope is such a talented designer but she is also so much more. She was my ally and favorite collaborator.

Mainly, she is responsible for the branding and design of the entire site. Able to handle all project sizes, from fun ad campaigns to extremely complicated micro sites

But to me, it’s all the many other things she’s so good at that makes her different and adds so much value to any projects she is a part of. Her knowledge and collaboration with other teams throughout the entire product cycle is just invaluable. Clients love her as she’s able to understand their needs, and translate their thoughts into great ideas and solutions.

Then, she doesn’t only deliver fast, quality designs, she’s also able to write detailed technical notes for the development teams, and that’s really a rare skill. And if that was not enough, she also manages and trained new designers on the team to meet our quality standard and help manage the creative sprint planning.

Hope has such a great and easy going personality. I couldn’t have done it without her and I can’t thank her enough for her hard work, dedication and oh so precious support in the good and the harder times.  

I’ve worked with Hope for more than 6 years and am constantly impressed by her ability to pick up on complex problems and come up with user flows and visual designs, and then document and communicate those to a variety of development shops. She’s particularly excellent at keeping the details of the flows in mind when making new functionality or designs. She’s worked on a myriad of different systems with me, including facebook apps, public websites and complex interactive functionality, and internal business intelligence dashboards, and has added significant value in all of those projects and types of designs and user flows. She’s a fantastic communicator, and remains both efficient with her time as well as compassionate for business users who sometimes need hand-holding through the more complex implementations.

I continue to work with Hope, and as my world expands and more businesses realize the value of having efficient and savvy technology on their side – I’ll continue to work with Hope as often as her schedule will allow.

Dean H.

Ann Le Cam

I had the pleasure of working with Hope at Disney Animation Studios where she supported the training department and lead several initiatives related to website design and conception. She is true pleasure to work with, smart, creative, professional and extremely productive. Hope brought great ideas and always courageously voiced her opinions and contributed tremendously to the training curriculum and change dynamics in the studio. I warmly recommend Hope and know that she will be a valuable asset and contributor.

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