AARP . Life Reimagined


Whether it’s by choice or a result of external forces, we all have experienced moments where we’re faced with the choice of “what’s next?”. AARP created Life Reimagined to bring tools and guidance for these moments through one-on-one coaching, expert guidance, self-guided activities and quizzes and curated content in the well-being, relationships and work categories. 


Design a responsive website for individual, self-managed and purpose-driven well-being services in a monthly subscription model. Create sticky programs to engage and delight the customer.


Lead Visual Designer / Sr. Web Developer



Product Design

Partnered with the Product Manager to create requirements, lead the design team, and work with the development and QA team to deliver results in an agile workflow.

Visual Design

Designed responsive web presence including customized subscription model and e-commerce, scheduling and video-conferencing for one-on-coaching, interactive activities and quizzes, and inspirational/motivational content controlled by a Drupal CMS backend.


Designed a custom analytics dashboard for site metrics, analysis, and reporting.


Worked with Marketing team to design landing pages, ads, promotions, email campaigns, infographics, survey results and additional printed materials.